Aviation Training

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These pages were created for my students at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) in the following classes:

(AVIA 101) Private Pilot Flight Theory
(AVIA 108) Aviation History
(AVIA 122) Aircraft Systems and Components
(AVIA 141) Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)
(AVIA 240) Aircraft Dispatcher Practical I
(AVIA 241) Aircraft Dispatcher Practical II
(AVIA 264) Management of Aircraft Maintenance

Please check the individual pages for specific information about each course. You can find the current syllabus for each course by clicking on the appropriate link above–Both files are in PDF format & require Acrobat Reader.

Southwestern Illinois College information

  Southwestern Illinois College Website

SWIC Testing Center information

Missed tests cam be made up at any of the SWIC test centers. Online scheduling of test center appointments can be made using the following links:

  Online link for Belleville (main) test center

  Online link for Granite City test center

  Online link for Red Bud test center

SWIC inclement weather information

SWIC Inclement Weather Information page

This information is normally displayed on the SWIC Home Page and also broadcast over local TV and Radio stations.


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