Private Pilot Flight Theory

Description: Covers the basic theory of flight, an introduction to elementary meteorology, the flight computer, basic navigation, radio navigation and federal aviation regulations. To complete this course the student is required to take the FAA private pilot written examination.

Course Syllabus for AVIA 101

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Useful handouts

Homework for AVIA 101

Homework can be downloaded & viewed in either PDF or DOC format–DOC files can also be edited and e-mailed if preferred:

 PDF Format  DOC Format

Homework #  1

Homework #  1
Homework #  2 Homework #  2
Homework #  3 Homework #  3
Homework #  4 Homework #  4
Homework #  5 Homework #  5
Homework #  6 Homework #  6
Homework #  7 Homework #  7
Homework #  8 Homework #  8
Homework #  9 Homework #  9
Homework # 10 Homework # 10
E6B Homework (bonus) E6B Homework (bonus)

FAA Briefing click here

Test review information

Each test is aligned with the associated chapters. There is some overlap, we have tried to note that where possible. In addition, any questions specifically referring to recreational pilots are not part of our test.

  • Test 1: Airplane Systems and Aerodynamic Principles – SU1 and 2
    • Review SU1 in its entirety.
    • Review SU2 in its entirety.
  • Test 2: Flight Environment and Communication/Flt Information – SU3 and 9
    • Review SU3 in its entirety.
    • Review SU9 in its entirety.
  • Test 3: Meteorology, Interpreting Weather Data and FARs – SU4, 7, and 8
    • Review SU4 but omit SU4 Qs #56-82 (these are recreational pilot FARs)
    • Review SU7 in its entirety.
    • Review SU8 in its entirety.
  • Test 4: Aircraft Performance and Flight Computers – SU4, 5, and 11
    • Review SU4 for the questions on Vx and Vy.
    • Review SU5 in its entirety.
    • Review SU11 questions 39-52 to be completed with the flight computer.
      • Note: you will be given the True Course (TC) and distance in Nautical Miles (NM) on the SU11 questions (if required).
      • We will learn how to measure TC and distance in NM in the next chapter.
  • Test 5: Navigation and Cross Country – SU6, 10, and 11
    • Review SU6 in its entirety.
    • Review SU10 in its entirety.
    • Review SU11 in its entirety.

The course final is similar to the FAA Private Pilot written exam, at this point you should be familiar with the entire book. Take advantage of the software in the library for practice tests and review these test taking strategies that will help with the final and your actual FAA written exam.

FAA Test Information

When you are ready to take your FAA test, contact one of these FAA test administrators: