Aircraft Dispatch Practical I

Description:  Part of Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate (008A).
This course prepares the student for the FAA Dispatcher computer test to include: Regulations, Equipment, Navigation & Facilities, Aerodynamics, Performance, Weight and Balance, Flight Operations, Emergencies, Hazard & Flight Physiology, Meteorology & Weather Service, based on the Federal Aviation Regulations, ASA and Gleim Test Prep Books.

Course Syllabus for AVIA 240

Spring 2017 can be found here.

Spring 2018 can be found here.

Useful handouts

Review Sheets for Individual Chapters

Section # 1 (Regulations): Chapter 1
Section # 2 (Navigation and Equipment): Chapter 2
Section # 3 (Aerodynamics): Chapter 3
Section # 4 (Performance): Chapter 4
Section # 5 (Weight and Balance): Chapter 5
Section # 6 (Flight Operations): Chapter 6
Section # 7 (Emergencies Hazards and Physiology): Chapter 7
Section # 8 (Meteorology and Weather): Chapter 8

Slides for Individual Topics

Performance – Engine: Perf I
Performance – Takeoff: Perf II
Performance – Landing: Perf III
Performance – Miscellaneous: Perf IV
Performance – Engine-Out: Perf V
Performance Charts: Charts
Weight and Balance (Part 1): Weight & Balance
Airspace: Airspace Basics
Airspace for Dummies
Notams: Notams
Weather: Weather
Emergencies and Hazards: Emergencies & Hazards